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Heat stroke in dogs

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I've been moved to anger. Why? It's summer at the street fair. I'm in the Palm Springs area. The temperature is 110+. People love to bring their dogs. And parade them. I swear I can hear those dogs saying, "you try to walk on this asphalt in your bear feet." I've stopped the pet owner and ask,"would [...]

Dog’s Best Day – Video

– Posted in: Search and Rescue Dog, Therapy Dog Here's a touching story of a Dog who worked at Ground Zero. I really enjoyed the video and think it will touch your heart too.  Enjoy and I'll keep looking for incredible dog stories that educate, inform and lift spirits. If you find a dog story that impressed you, please pass it along in [...]

Dog & Stairs

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What is it about stairs that some dogs just can't figure out? Dogs are pretty intelligent creatures, but sometimes, when there is a staircase involved, it seems like they forget how to even walk. The dogs in these hilarious video clips have found pretty, er, let's say "unique" ways of going up and down the [...]

Cage Free Dog Daycare

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Great way to have dog daycare for your doggie. No cage for the doggies, just a wonderful day of mingling with other furry friend. And while you're out and about, you can watch them at dog daycare on Camera. CLICK HERE :   THE VILLAGE PUP - Dog Day Care     If you're [...]

Cool Cats

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 I've been writing much about dogs, and definitely don't do enough about cats. Well here it is...Equal time for these cool cats and their talk. Enjoy.  but how about wise? See what kind of sage advice they would pass on to us, if only cats could talk. If you think you learned everything you need [...]

Dog Training

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As I watch my neighbors being pulled by their dog, I thought...we need a billboard of this article and Video. DO YOU AGREE? comment below please. (After you watch the Video at the end)    DOG TRAININGAPRIL 5, 2015 How many of us have struggled with getting our dogs to walk on leash without pulling? [...]

Westminster Kennel Club

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I found this article and thought it was perfect for the blog.  After all, this blog is about having fun...and what can be more fun than a commoner at the Westminster. Enjoy today's article and let me know your thoughts below. Enjoy Jackie posted on Feb. 18, 2015, at 9:28 a.m. Chelsea Marshall BuzzFeed Staff [...]

Marilyn Monroe Dogs

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Paintings of Celebrities • Marilyn Monroe Yes I have been painting celebrities. My most collected...Marilyn Monroe.  Here's an article that I know you'll enjoy. Read about all of the dogs in Marilyn Monroe's short life.  I would like your opinion...Do you think I should paint Marilyn with one of her dogs? Tell me in the [...]

New Dog Portrait – Peekapoo

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I've really been painting some wonderful commissioned dog portraits. Many have been designer dogs breeds Today you'll meet the Peekapoo - Zoey. I love her fur because it moves like human hair. And I swear she's waiting for me to hold her, give her a treat, or something. So...I needed to learn about her breed. Well here [...]

Blue Dog

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George Rodrique - artist My favorite place when visiting Louisiana was The Blue Dog Cafe in Lafayette. Eating among original Blue Dog paintings was a huge treat.  Now I'm not saying that my influence in painting dog portraits was George Rodrique, but ...maybe it was.  Artists do inspire each other, and of course my style is nothing like his. [...]

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