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A Masterpiece of Your Pets Personality in Living Color

Dog Portraits

Dog Paintings

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend”~Groucho Marks

 Expressive Pet Portraits  – That’s What We Do

Dog portraits - Golden Retriever

Breed: Golden Retriever – Lily

Photo Paintings – Affordable Pet Portraits

Photo Painting

Photo Painting


Here at I Paint Paws we spend our time creating, painting and sharing the excitement of Dog Portraits.

  • Need a distinctive Pet Portrait?
  • Want to own a unique painting from one of the top artists in the country?

Luckily we have this and more in our bag of tricks.

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Why we do it – pet portraits

Dog Portraits - Golden Doodle

Golden Doodle II

To satisfy our creativity and to keep true to our values I Paint Paws strives to create captivating experiences for the right people.

We love to work with those who are enjoying family and who include their pet as a true member of the family.

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How we do it

Artist Jackie Jacobson hand paints your pet

Dog Portraits, Yorkie

Yorkie II


Artist Jackie Jacobson uses color and expressive painting to bring dog pictures to life on canvas.

They’re not just reproductions of dog pictures.

The end result…distinctive dog portraits highlighting their personalities.

The “I Paint Paws” website is designed to showcase Dog Portraits and gift items featuring Jacobson’s pet portraits.

Here’s what we do …Pet Portraits

The Affordable Photo Paintings

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