Pet Portraits

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Exercise with Your Pet

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10 Ways To Exercise for Weight Loss With Your Pet Fun tricks and exercise for weight loss while playing with your dog or cat   Is your pet too fat? To tell if your pet is an overweight dog, follow this scoring system used by most vets: As your pet is standing, look down at him. [...]

Priceless Pet Portraits

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Dog Portraits Dog Paintings by Jacobson This sign hangs in my booth at the street fair. And…it has definitely attracted lots of interest and commissions for dog portraits. As you can see from the sign, I paint individual dog portraits. My focus is on their expression and their features. I have 2 Dogs. Question: Will You Do [...]

Adopt a Pet?

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Is This Deductible? Adopt a Pet? TAX DEDUCTIONS AND CREDITS “I found this article and thought …Pets and deductible expenses? I hear about the veterinary costs and wonder why can’t some be deductible. After all, we can deduct medical expenses for our children. Why not these adopted WONDERFUL CHILDREN? Then I read this article about fostering [...]

Lauren Bacall’s Will

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Would You Include Your Dog in Your Will? Lauren Bacall Did! “I loved this article, but most of all I really loved watching the videos at the end of this article. Don’t miss them.  Glenn Close visits Lauren Bacall at home with Bacall’s Sophie. Some in the press say the late actress’ gesture for her [...]

National Dog Week

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 Peanuts by Charles Schulz, September 24, 2014 Via @GoComics NATIONAL DOG WEEK…WE ALMOST MISSED IT… ” Thanks to today’s Peanuts cartoon I didn’t miss this annual event. I’ll hug any dog I see, since I don’t live with one. But I do have this wonderful article with ideas for every dog owner. Now I must tell [...]

Extinct Dog Breeds

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DOGS 101 “I’ve been writing all about dogs –  the most popular dog breeds, dog training, dog exercise etc. Here’s a Dogs 101 topic that I’ve discovered – extinct dog breeds. I’ve learned a bunch and hope you’ll learn a little something new about our good dogs of today and yesteryear.  Enjoy All About Dogs – [...]

Dog Breeds of L.A.

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Mapping the dog breeds of L.A. “Many of the people who visit my booth at the street fair, come from L.A. and the surrounding areas. I found this mapping of dog breeds and dog names quite interesting and hope you will too. I really enjoyed listening to the broadcast. Sooo here you have it, the most popular [...]

Water Dogs

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Dog Portraits, Portuguese water dog

Breed: Portuguese Water Dog “VanGogh”  Dog Breeds – The Water Dogs Portuguese Water Dog The first dog I painted in my most recent style, was a portuguese water dog. He was all black and I really couldn’t see anything inspiring to paint. And then came my epiphany. Paint him as VanGogh would have painted. Meet [...]

Best Dog Breeds

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Dog paintings, Golden Retriever

The 11 Best Dog Breeds  Last week I talked about stubborn dogs. This week is about the best dog breeds to own. So what makes these the best dog breeds. I found this wonderful article and thought…perfect for the blog.  And of course it’s because this week we had National Dog Day. I love researching [...]

Stubborn Dogs

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Dog Portraits - Jackie Jacobson

  10 Most Stubborn Dogs Dog Breeds that are Stubborn Dogs ‘I owned several of these dog breeds. It would have been good to know about them before I struggled. Today you get to see some of my paintings of the stubborn but great looking dogs that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. No I [...]