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National Dog Week

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 Peanuts by Charles Schulz, September 24, 2014 Via @GoComics NATIONAL DOG WEEK…WE ALMOST MISSED IT… ” Thanks to today’s Peanuts cartoon I didn’t miss this annual event. I’ll hug any dog I see, since I don’t live with one. But I do have this wonderful article with ideas for every dog owner. Now I must tell [...]

Laughter is the Best Medicine

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laughter in the best medicine

These Cartoon Pictures say it all. Laughter is the Best Medicine Buljert   How true  is this one? All things are relative.  Copyright 2014 Patrick McDonnell. Distributed by King Features Syndicate. New Study Proves That Laughter Is The Best Medicine A little laughter can go a long way, a new study reveals. We all know the mood-boosting benefits [...]