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Westminster Kennel Club

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This Is What Happens When A Commoner Goes To The Fanciest Dog Event In The World. SO MANY DOGS. I found this article and thought it was perfect for the blog.  After all, this blog is about having fun…and what can be more fun than a commoner at the Westminster. Enjoy today’s article and let me [...]

New Dog Portrait – Peekapoo

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PEEKAPOO – DOG PORTRAITS by JACOBSON I’ve really been painting some wonderful commissioned dog portraits. Many have been designer dogs breeds Today you’ll meet the Peekapoo – Zoey. I love her fur because it moves like human hair. And I swear she’s waiting for me to hold her, give her a treat, or something. So…I needed to [...]

Extinct Dog Breeds

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DOGS 101 “I’ve been writing all about dogs –  the most popular dog breeds, dog training, dog exercise etc. Here’s a Dogs 101 topic that I’ve discovered – extinct dog breeds. I’ve learned a bunch and hope you’ll learn a little something new about our good dogs of today and yesteryear.  Enjoy All About Dogs – [...]

Dog Breeds of L.A.

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Mapping the dog breeds of L.A. “Many of the people who visit my booth at the street fair, come from L.A. and the surrounding areas. I found this mapping of dog breeds and dog names quite interesting and hope you will too. I really enjoyed listening to the broadcast. Sooo here you have it, the most popular [...]

Water Dogs

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Dog Portraits, Portuguese water dog

Breed: Portuguese Water Dog “VanGogh”  Dog Breeds – The Water Dogs Portuguese Water Dog The first dog I painted in my most recent style, was a portuguese water dog. He was all black and I really couldn’t see anything inspiring to paint. And then came my epiphany. Paint him as VanGogh would have painted. Meet [...]

Best Dog Breeds

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The 11 Best Dog Breeds  Last week I talked about stubborn dogs. This week is about the best dog breeds to own. So what makes these the best dog breeds. I found this wonderful article and thought…perfect for the blog.  And of course it’s because this week we had National Dog Day. I love researching [...]

Stubborn Dogs

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Dog Portraits - Jackie Jacobson

  10 Most Stubborn Dogs Dog Breeds that are Stubborn Dogs ‘I owned several of these dog breeds. It would have been good to know about them before I struggled. Today you get to see some of my paintings of the stubborn but great looking dogs that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. No I [...]

Dog Breeds: Chihuahuas

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Dog Portraits, Chihuahua

Chihuahuas Why am I writing about Chihuahuas today? Well last week I painted Princess. I painted Princess in Red and  was really happy with my painting. I couldn’t wait to hear from the family. And then the phone rang. For the first time since I started painting portraits of peoples pets I made a mistake. I painted Princess [...]

Meet the Golden Retriever

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Dog Portraits - Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Why am I writing about Golden Retriever today? As I look at my list of commissions for dog portraits, who ranks among the top requests? You’ve got it. The Golden Retriever who are #3 on the AKC dog registration. I just completed two dog portraits, Hank and Lily. They live in the same house, and look totally different to [...]

Meet the ShihTzu

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Shih Tzu Why am I writing about Shih Tzu’s today? I had one. He was the gentlest, sweetest dog in the world. And today I discovered that their name means “lion”. Well my birth-sign is Leo which means I’m a “lion” also. It’s fun to find little know facts about our favorite dog breeds. I’ll post more [...]