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Heat stroke in dogs

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I’ve been moved to anger. Why? It’s summer at the street fair. I’m in the Palm Springs area. The temperature is 110+. People love to bring their dogs. And parade them. I swear I can hear those dogs saying, “you try to walk on this asphalt in your bear feet.” I’ve stopped the pet owner and ask,”would [...]

Why Do Dogs Lick You?

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Why Do Dogs Lick You

  “Why do dogs lick people?” we must remember that they are practically licked into life. One of the first sensations that puppies feel, upon entering this strange world of ours, is the nurturing tongue of the mother who whelped them. Mom uses her tongue to clear away baby’s nostrils, encouraging each puppy that emerges [...]

Your Pet Explained

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  (Shaina Fishman Photography) by ALISON GWINN  If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then cats and dogs must come from Jupiter. How else to explain some of their, well, alien behaviors? Just what, exactly, is a dog thinking when he rolls around in something stinky? If a cat naps on a computer [...]