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IF CATS COULD TALK What would they say?

artist Jackie Jacobson

 I’ve been writing much about dogs, and definitely don’t do enough about cats. Well here it is…Equal time for these cool cats and their talk. Enjoy. 

cat, cat portrait

Natasha. What do you think she’s saying?

Sure, cats are cool and clever —

but how about wise? See what kind of sage advice they would pass on to us, if only cats could talk.

If you think you learned everything you need to know in school, then you’ve probably never owned a cat. Our furry counterparts have plenty of wisdom to share, just by being themselves. Check out the pictures below to discover seven things cats would tell us —if cats could talk.

1. We think snuggling is good for the soul. You want in?

Cats - Cat Talk

Photo Source: Russell Bernice via Flickr

2. Work? What’s that? You are getting sleepy…

Cats - Cat talk

Photo Source: Dave James Miller via Flickr

3. Turn off that monitor! It’s time to relax.

cats - cat talk

Photo Source: SanGatiche via Flickr

4. No one rolls out of bed looking this fabulous.

cats - cat talk

Photo Source: Laurence Simon via Flickr

5. Take some time to look around every once in a while!

cats - cat talk

Photo Source: Jim, the Photographer via Flickr

6. Happiness is a warm pizza box.

cats, cat talk

Photo Source: Andrew Butitta via Flickr

7. There’s nothing like a good scratch when you need one. Aaah, that’s the spot!



Looking for a cat breed that’s great for children?

Look no further than these playful, affectionate companions.


A great match for families with children, Ragdolls enjoy being picked up and carried around, hence the name. They are easygoing and gentle in temperament, and well-behaved in manners. These puppy-like cats love to be near their families at all times and can even be taught to fetch or come when called.


Extremely people-oriented and sweet-natured, Burmese cats crave close contact with their human companions, serving as lap warmers and wowing you with their amusing antics. Burmese cats have an almost doglike personality that is playful and easygoing. Their frisky, mischievous demeanor extends well into adulthood. Burmese cats will serve as playmates for children for years to come.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons have hearts of gold. They love to be around people, but aren’t overly dependent. Often called “gentle giants,” Maine Coons, which are relaxed and laidback, get along well with children and other pets. Even as senior cats, Maine Coons retain their kittenlike personalities.


Add a Manx cat to your household, and there will never be a dull moment! These active cats with doglike personalities enjoy playing fetch and burying toys, and are fascinated by water. The breed is sweet and affectionate, and they enjoy being around their human companions. Adaptable, gentle, and even-tempered, Manx cats make for wonderful family cats.

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Evelyn Beard April 13, 2015, 7:30 am

What a cat portrait! It must have taken forever to do that one. The use of color in the cat is so different from what you do
with the dogs. Thanks for showing this
cat. Wow!

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