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Meet the ShihTzu

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Shih Tzu

Why am I writing about Shih Tzu’s today? I had one. He was the gentlest, sweetest dog in the world. And today I discovered that their name means “lion”. Well my birth-sign is Leo which means I’m a “lion” also. It’s fun to find little know facts about our favorite dog breeds. I’ll post more in the months ahead. Keep watching…or better yet, leave a comment below and tell me your favorite breed. 


AKC Meet the Breeds® – Shih Tzu

A compact and solid dog, the Shih Tzu long, flowing double coat is its most distinctive feature. The word Shih Tzu means “lion” and although this dog is sweet and playful, he is not afraid to stand up for himself! One of the most popular dogs in the United States according to AKC® Registration Statistics, this portable pooch has a distinctively arrogant carriage with his head well up and tail curved over the back. All colors of Shih Tzu are allowed.

A Look Back – History of the Shih Tzu

Cherished by Chinese royals as prized house pets for over a thousand years, it is believed to have descended from crossing the Lhasa Apso or Tibetan mountain dog and Pekingese. The Shih Tzu was the house pet for most of the Ming Dynasty and was discovered by soldiers in England during World War II.



Shihtzu – AKC Website Photo

The Toy Group

The diminutive size and winsome expressions of Toy dogs illustrate the main function of this Group: to embody sheer delight. Don’t let their tiny stature fool you, though – – many Toys are tough as nails. If you haven’t yet experienced the barking of an angry Chihuahua, for example, well, just wait. Toy dogs will always be popular with city dwellers and people without much living space. They make ideal apartment dogs and terrific lap warmers on nippy nights. (Incidentally, small breeds may be found in every Group, not just the Toy Group. We advise everyone to seriously consider getting a small breed, when appropriate, if for no other reason than to minimize some of the problems inherent in canines such as shedding, creating messes and cost of care. And training aside, it’s still easier to control a ten-pound dog than it is one ten times that size.)


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