Pet Portraits

A Masterpiece of Your Pets Personality in Living Color

Priceless Pet Portraits

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Pet Portraits

Sign at the Fair

Dog Portraits

Dog Paintings by Jacobson

This sign hangs in my booth at the street fair.

And…it has definitely attracted lots of interest and commissions for dog portraits.

As you can see from the sign, I paint individual dog portraits.

My focus is on their expression and their features.

I have 2 Dogs.

Question: Will You Do DOG PAINTINGS Of Two Dogs?

My answer is always the same.

I really can’t capture the expression on a 20″x20″ canvas.

The dogs will be too small.

So my answer is always NO, I paint one pet portraits per canvas!

And I’ve stuck to it.

One dog paintings per canvas.

I’ve been emphatic, and still got 40 commissions for dog portraits.

And many were of two dogs in one family.


In walked wonderful collectors of my paintings.

And this was their question.

They have a great photo of their 6 dogs, and would love to have them painted on one canvas.

Out came this photo.



Dog Portraits, Dog Paintings
The Puppy Pack

I couldn’t resist this one.

My question was…how did you get them to pose for this photo.

Is it a photoshop stunt?

But nope, this is the Pack, Mom and Dad and 4 kids.

I couldn’t say No!

They agreed to a 30″ x 40″ canvas, with a Red background.

They sent individual photos of each dog that I could use for expressions and features.

They ordered one canvas and notecards.

Today I received this notecard. 

Dog Portraits

The Puppy Pack Portrait © Jacobson 2014

The message inside the notecard…

Thank you so much, We LOVE IT!

Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci  $759 million

Le Reve by Pablo Picasso – $155 million

The Puppy Pack by Jackie JacobsonPriceless 

First thing I learned in art school. There are no rules. As an artist, follow your heart. I did and I’m so happy that I did.

6 Pet Portraits

The Puppy Pack pet portraits was definitely worth every minute I spent painting.

They are priceless!

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Laughter is the Best Medicine.


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