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As I watch my neighbors being pulled by their dog, I thought…we need a billboard of this article and Video.
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Teaching Your Dog to Walk on Leash Without Pulling

  • How many of us have struggled with getting our dogs to walk on leash without pulling? Honestly, just about every dog owner I know!

    This is a huge challenge for most dog owners, and especially with new puppies. Today we bring our FAVORITE YouTube dog trainer, Zac George back to our LocalDogDaily community to teach us how to teach our dogs to walk on leash without pulling.



    6 Dog on a Leash? hmm…I wonder


    Here at LocalDogDaily, we are huge advocates of kind, humane, and positive dog training; and Zac epitomizes this! Not only is he funny, upbeat, and articulate – he treats the dogs with amazing kindness, and has a wonderful way of helping us understand how our behavior impacts our dogs, and how we can learn to train the behavior we desire from them with patience.

    Wow! Sound too good to be true?

    Dog Portraits, Lab, Pointer

    Breed: Lab Pointer

    We get that – because this really is a tough challenge for most people with medium and large-size dogs. In fact, my mother-in-law was literally pulled over by our 75 pound dog when walking – yep this is something we struggled with for literally the first few years of our dog’s life.

    Dog Breed: Poodle/Golden Mix

    Poodle/Golden Mix

    ” Our dog is poodle and golden retriever mix; he is highly social with both dogs and people, and literally loves everyone. The second he sees a person or dog he immediately things that surely they want to meet him, and he heads for them regardless of what we say.

    I wish we had known about Zac back when we were training our dog, but the good news is that we can share his amazing training with you, our favorite dog community.

    Zac George is engaging, and a joy to watch. He helps us train in such a way that it encourages our dogs to really think. Good stuff!”

    We hope you enjoy this video — and be sure to connect with us on the LocalDog Facebook page to let us know what you thought, and how this training works with your puppy or dog.

    Here’s Zac George on How to Train Your Dog on the Leash!

    Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I can’t wait to read your comments.  Thanks again … Jackie

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