Pet Portraits

A Masterpiece of Your Pets Personality in Living Color

Photo Painting

Order Photo Painting Pet Portraits

Jacobson paints on your photos to create an affordable masterpiece pet portrait for your home.

We strive to create captivating pet portraits from your photos.


dog portraits

Original Photo – Sleeping Dogs

Dog Portraits

Photo Painting – Sleeping Dogs



Pet Portrait Includes… 1. Hand Painted Pet Portrait • Mixed Media Paints on your photo.

2. Dye based ink and Acrylic

3. Hand Textured Embellishment

4. One to Three Subjects per Pet Portrait

5. Custom Background Color of your choice.


Photo Painting Pet Portrait PRICES

Pet Paintings Prices


To satisfy our creativity and to keep true to our values… I Paint Paws strives to create captivating experiences for the right people.
We love to paint pet portraits with those who are enjoying family and who include their pet as a true member of the family.

 More info…call Jackie Jacobson – 760.831.1190